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Bluetooth adapter function

Bluetooth adapter index code products are suitable for interface converters of Bluetooth devices. The Bluetooth adapter adopts the universal short-distance wireless connection technology, and uses the same free-frequency and application-free radio frequency band around 2.4GHz as the microwave, remote control, and some civilian wireless communication equipment. Interference, so with 1600 times of difficult frequency hopping and encryption security technology.

1:Bluetooth classification

Line types can be divided into ISA bus, PCI bus and USB bus.

The ISA bus transmits data in 16 bits, and the nominal speed can reach 10M.

The PCI bus transmits data in 32 bits, which is faster. At present, most of the PCI buses on the market are 10M and 100M. With the gradual popularization of the USB interface, the existing Bluetooth adapters are basically USB buses.

The USB bus is Universal Serial Bus, which is a new type of serial interface jointly developed by several world-renowned manufacturers such as IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Compaq, and NEC. Standard interfaces between tape drives, printers, CD players, etc.). The interface is not only good in load capacity, but also easy to use. It has a "plug and play" function. It can connect up to 127 peripherals in series, supporting real-time audio playback and image compression.

2.The main parameters:

Under the condition of ensuring the required bit error rate, the minimum input power required for reception is received. The receiving sensitivity is generally expressed in dBm, which is the absolute power based on lmW optical power, or written as

Among them, Pmin refers to the minimum average power that the receiver can receive under the condition of a given bit error rate. For example, at a given bit error rate of 10 to the negative 9th power, the minimum average power that the receiver can receive is InW (that is, 10 to the negative 9th power W), and the receiver sensitivity is -60dBm.

3.Transfer Protocol:

Bluetooth really only has 2 transmission protocols

CLASS 1100M standard

CLASS 210M standard.