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Apple is testing 3D face recognition technology

  • Author:James
  • Source:
  • Release Date:2017-07-04

According to Bloomberg News, Apple is testing the use of 3D face recognition technology to replace the Touch ID fingerprint verification technology, from just need to sweep the face without the need to sweep the finger. The new iPhone may also introduce the new iPad Pro ProMotion screen in order to increase the screen refresh rate. Apple will also launch a dedicated chip for processing artificial intelligence (AI) tasks.

The highly anticipated iPhone 8's borders will be drastically reduced, and analysts have made many predictions about the location of the Touch ID, including the implantation screen, the back of the iPhone, and the power switch. But Bloomberg reported that the new face detection feature may completely replace the Touch ID, including unlocking the device in a very short time, even if the phone on the table can be unlocked. It is said that the face recognition function can capture more data than the fingerprint scan, which is also more secure than the Touch ID. In addition, the new features can also support authorized payments. The new face recognition engine will be installed in the front camera.

According to the news, Apple is testing the improved security system, the user can scan the face through the login account, authorized to pay and start the safety procedures. This feature is supported by new 3D sensors, but insiders are reluctant to disclose the details of the technology that is still under development. In addition, Apple is also allegedly testing eye scanning technology to enhance the safety system.

ProMotion screen technology last month was first introduced to the latest version of the 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro, Bloomberg reported that the iPhone 8 may also use this technology. ProMotion screen technology can upgrade the higher refresh rate, can significantly reduce the degree of motion blur, especially when sliding.

Apple is also the internal design of specialized chip Apple Neural Engine, help drive ProMotion screen at the same time, can also support AI tasks. As early as May, Bloomberg reported that the new chip is expected to help deal with image recognition, text prediction and other AI tasks. Apple also has other similar chips, such as specialized M series chips, can support the detection of sports and other tasks.

Ultimately, other recent details about the iPhone 8 include that KGI predicts that the OLED screen may have less color than the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus.

Using 3D depth perception, can be prevented by 2D photos around. But Bloomberg warned that this feature is still in the test, Apple may eventually cancel it. For this reason, it is still unclear whether the iPhone 8 finally uses face recognition to completely replace the Touch ID.

KGI Securities analyst Ming Ming (Ming-Chi Kuo) also released a report this morning, the iPhone 8 for the top ten forecast:

1. Apple will be released in the 2017 fiscal year 3 iPhone, including the new design of the 5.2-inch OLED iPhone, LCD screen models, including 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches two.

2.OLED iPhone will use the full-screen design, with the current market all smart phones in the largest screen than the ratio, because the phone's frame significantly reduced, while increasing the edge of the screen. In addition, this phone will also have a virtual Home button, although it does not support fingerprint recognition. But Guo Ming pointed out that Touch ID will not be included in the OLED screen. At the same time, the analyst did not mention the Touch ID may be moved to the iPhone 8 other locations, such as the back.

3.OLED iPhone will support 3D face recognition, while improving the quality of the self-timer.

4.OLED iPhone or 5.5-inch LCD iPhone DRAM are 3GB, which is required for dual cameras. While the 4.7-inch version only 2GB DRAM.

5.3 new iPhone storage space is 64GB and 256GB.

6. All three new iPhone support lightning port, but also embedded USB-C power supply integrated circuit to improve the charging efficiency.

7.OLED iPhone receiver or speaker output power will be more consistent, in order to create a better stereo effect.

8. In order to maintain the image of the boutique, we believe that the color of the OLED iPhone will be less than the LCD iPhone.

9. For Apple, the best promotional program is released in September at the same time the new mobile phone, OLED iPhone release date slightly longer than the LCD iPhone, but the supply situation in the 2018 fiscal year ago may not be alleviated.

10. We forecast three new Apple mobile phone shipments in 2017 to 80 million to 85 million, OLED iPhone and LCD iPhone sales almost.