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Relieve snoring sleep headphones

  • Author:James
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  • Release Date:2017-05-24

According to the British media report, a headset business to design a sleep snoring sleep headphones. The headset has a display that shows the respiration rate of the wearer's sleep and snoring. If the frequency of breathing is similar to that of snoring, the device will play a series of sounds through the headphones to relieve the nervous system.

Double noise cancelling wireless earphones.....jpg

The headset is designed for patients with apnea, and in the UK, one in every five adults suffers from the disease. The main symptoms of the disease when the narrowing of the respiratory tract, each time will produce up to 10 seconds of apnea. In severe cases, the patient will temporarily stop breathing, apnea symptoms will appear hundreds of times in a night. Apnea can lead to decreased oxygen levels in the blood, which will cause the brain to tighten the throat muscles, open the respiratory tract for breathing. Snoring is caused by the friction of the air through the narrowed airway.

Untreated sleep disorders can cause a series of chronic diseases, such as heart disease and cancer. Treatment can begin with improved lifestyle, including weight loss (fat can oppress the respiratory tract). However, if the above method does not work, the patient will need to bring a continuous positive pressure ventilation mask (CPAP), the device can provide positive air by air to ensure smooth breathing. Although the device is very effective, but many people feel very troublesome to wear.

noise cancelling earbuds wooden headphones_01.jpg

And this new headset can sleep when wearing. It has a sensitive sensor that separates the breath from the rest of the bedroom, like the sound of an air conditioner or a TV. These sensors have built-in programs that can detect respiratory changes during snoring; once the sensor detects the symptoms of apnea, they signal the headset. The headset will play hundreds of sounds at various frequencies, the sound is not enough to wake up the sleepers, but can stimulate the autonomic nervous system, such as breathing, heart and digestive function, which mediates the body's function.

According to the study, the nervous system will be based on external voice to the throat muscles to send signals to mediate muscle. And then the respiratory tract collapse recovery and return to normal breathing. The headset will present a data to the user the next morning, showing the number of times that night of apnea symptoms occurred, which can be submitted to the doctor for reference.