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Check the speaker phase inverse simple method

  • Author:James
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  • Release Date:2016-11-05

Speaker unit phase, with the frequency of the audio signal from the amplifier output, if a pair of speakers connected to a reverse phase (usually means "+" "-" reverse polarity), then the speaker unit will produce AC phase difference, Audio signal offset each other, after the low-frequency signal is very weak sound reinforcement, the sound hard to dry, the high frequency will be floating back and forth, affecting the entire public address system debugging and overall effect.

The inversion of the audio system consists of two aspects, one is for the audio signal, the two are the same sound signal phase difference of 180 °; the other is for the microphone and speakers, driven by the same sound, the speaker vibration Between the membrane, between the microphone diaphragm or between the speaker and the microphone diaphragm vibration in the opposite direction. From the practical application can clearly understand the anti-phase and reverse the impact of sound production.

Left and right channel speaker phase

In order to reproduce the stereo effect, so that the delivery of the sound has a good sense of expansion, to ensure uniform sound field, modern sound system to take two-channel playback. In the left and right channel speakers simultaneously playback, if the left and right channel speakers into the same push signal, the speaker cone vibration direction should be exactly the same, that is simultaneously synchronized outward or inward movement; if the vibration direction of the diaphragm On the contrary, the direction of the sound of its vibration must be reversed, the sound is equivalent to the left and right speakers between the two there is always a 180 ° phase difference, this state is called the left and right channel speaker reverse. Left and right channel speaker reverse will have two directions:

(1)     the left and right speakers to the sound of the sound field in the opposite direction of vibration, the sound energy between each other in the sound field against the cutting, the phenomenon of short circuit, resulting in the volume of the playback sound can not reach the desired volume , Sound intensity variation, bass turbidity and so on.

(2) Since the left and right channel sound has a phase difference of 180 °, the sound image localization in reproducing the stereophonic music is largely accomplished by the phase difference between the left and right channels. Stereo theory tells people that when there is a 180 ° phase difference between the left and right channels, the listener perceives the stereo image as going to the outside of the two speakers, where the source is erratic, vague and confusing, stereo-specific Sense of space and sense of sound surrounded by a sense of destruction. In this case,

Audio system in the installation of the connection is very prone to reverse phase, if there is reverse phase, as long as the anti-speaker speaker line can be reversed. In this case,

It is a simple and easy way to check whether the speaker is inverting with the audition method. This method can be used when there is no dedicated phase measurement device (such as phase meter). At present, the market has a dedicated CD audition disk, recording the left and right channels in phase and reverse phase of the two voices, playing a sound before the speaker will tell the player is about to play the sound is left and right in-phase or inverting. If the in-phase sound is better than the reverse, then the left and right channel speakers are in phase; the contrary, then the speaker reversed. There is no dedicated audition disc, with better quality of the music program source can also be compared through the sound to check the left and right channel speaker if there is reverse phase. Listening carefully observe the two connections in the stereo sound, intensity, dynamics and bass and other aspects of change, can be discriminated, the superior for the same phase, the inferior to reverse phase.

True phase

Real phase refers to the sound system or sound signal input and output phase relationship between. Reversal of the real phase will be slightly less than the middle tone, poor sound brightness. The normal phase state should meet two conditions: First, the speaker delivery microphone pickup, the microphone diaphragm vibration direction must be consistent with the vibration direction of the diaphragm diaphragm; the second is the use of audio equipment (such as deck, CD, etc.) to the system When an audio signal is input, the input signal must be the same as the phase of the output signal (ie polarity). If you can not reach the above two conditions, is the real phase inversion. The way to check whether the true phase is inverted is simple, but it must be done after the phase correction of the left and right channel speakers or in phase. The relationship between the microphone and the phoneme can be used as follows: to send sound to the microphone, the left and right channels of the two speakers of the cable or microphone 2, 3 end, without changing the power amplifier volume, Before and after the exchange of sound, the microphone volume is relatively small reverse connection, the larger is the same phase connection. If you use the sound source to play music sound, you can carefully taste the music in the bass components, without changing the power amplifier volume under the premise of comparing the two connections of the sound, the midrange slightly better for the real phase in phase.