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IPhone 8 will use OLED screen

  • Author:James
  • Source:
  • Release Date:2016-10-31

According to media reports, Apple iPhone 8 OLED screen will continue to use rumors, but has not been reliable news. Now, this important change has been confirmed by the iPhone screen supplier Sharp, the company president Dai Zheng Wu said in an interview, the next generation iPhone will use OLED display.


After the listing of the iPhone 7 because there is no updated technical sales is not better than the iPhone 6s down a lot, Apple announced October 25 revenue and profits fell for the third consecutive quarter of the stock market crash, Apple hopes to pin their hopes on the Chinese market, but in China IPhone 7 sales are not good, has been Huawei, OPPO and vivo far beyond.

Oct. 31 Sharp executives confirmed: iPhone 8 with OLED display

IPhone 8 OLED screen in addition to the display, power consumption is even better, the shape can also make changes, such as the double-curved screen.

Sharp is one of the iPhone display supplier, the president is also the parent company of Foxconn Foxconn, Dai Zheng Wu also hinted that Sharp will produce OLED panels in the United States.

portable bluetooth speakers_03.jpg

Recently, the Japanese media reported iPhone 8 Plus to use the OLED screen is produced in the United States, while the machine is still 5.5 inches, but Apple intends to add 5-inch version, while the original 4.7-inch continue to be retained.

Apple iPhone 8 in the building can be described as spent a lot of thought, can no longer create sales myth to become the dominant smartphone? I look forward to Apple's iPhone 8 listing.