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How is it improve sound quality effect

  • Author:James
  • Source:
  • Release Date:2016-10-28

Want to hear the most beautiful sound quality, not an original high-fidelity discs, a luxury high-fidelity sound on it. How to hear the most beautiful music? Let's talk about the sound quality of the sound effect.

Choose the right room for your listening room

The right room is particularly important for sound, the right size of the room fit the sound system can make the sound brewing more pure and honest. Large listening room for all the low-frequency part of the sound has a good stretch, you can make the sound more vivid.

Do the listening room room area to 15 square meters to 20 square meters, of course, if conditions permit a larger number of rooms will be more appropriate. Because a large space sound can weaken the wall of the interference of sound, is conducive to sound in the sound field in the reduction. Large space is conducive to the performance of low-frequency sound, usually below 100HZ the sound wavelength is greater than 3.4M, this requires the size of the room with the pattern in a level, so that different frequency bands of low-frequency sound interference will be smaller, low-frequency The sound will be full and rich.

The living room pattern is chaotic, listening position can not be set in the best position, the living room leading to the aisle of the room will form the air-tone asymmetry, some large windows on the wall will cause bass loss, so the living room is not suitable Do listening room.

Listening room is best not to be square, the top not more than 3M. Avoid the four walls of the room which appear adjacent two equal faces, or one face is twice the other side. This pattern will make the room more prone to standing wave or low frequency acoustic resonance, the original characteristics of the interference sound.

The interior of the room is very important

The interior of the listening room is different from other rooms. Professional listening room for the use of sound-absorbing material is based on room reverberation time, the characteristics of sound-absorbing material parameters to choose. Different sound-absorbing materials have different personalities, for different frequencies have different sound absorption rate. Thin plywood, wood for the absorption of good sound frequency, and gypsum board a class of objects in the low-frequency sound absorption is more known. So a room sound only with a sound-absorbing material, the whole room only for a particular band of audio more effective, the face of the other band's voice is the lack of processing power. So in the choice of sound-absorbing material for the entire room when we must consider the overall. Some manufacturers of regular sound-absorbing material will provide some data to the seller, you can get the relevant information in the seller.

Ceiling and floor treatment and the wall is different, the floor than the treated wall in the acoustic "hard" a lot, handling should not be "soft" transformation. If the tile or wood floor can choose to listen to the location of the placement of a suitable size wool carpets on the roof and the floor between the sound absorption, but for the low-frequency and low-frequency sound of no use, only high-frequency Part of the deal well.

If the structure of the room sound itself is not ideal, the use of sound-absorbing material is too single or the size of the poor, then the sound-absorbing room in the building is very prone to standing wave. Standing wave solution over a very simple, is to try to avoid the symmetry of the items placed in the room.

On the overall layout of the point of view, the audio part of the main speakers in particular, and the center of the speaker, the rear part of the wall the best partial "hard" some outside the wall do not have sound-absorbing material, if the sound power is small, gypsum board can be exempted , So that you can use the wall to push the sound to the listener.

Between the listener and the speakers on both sides of the left and right sides, there must be excellent sound-absorbing material to enrich the wall, in general, can be made of glass fiber cotton, such as the sound can be avoided by the sound box speaker reflection interference by the human ear directly hear Speaker effect. In the back of the listening position, the same can not appear too strong "hard" wall, in addition to certain sound absorption capacity, the rear wall also need to set up a special diffusion structure. As a general family, to the market to buy ready-made diffusion plate of little significance, one does not look good, occupy the air; second home a lot of arc surface, convex, inclined things can achieve the effect of diffusion.

Debug reverb

Reverberation and echo are two completely different things. Echo is a sound wave to touch the object immediately after the return of the phenomenon, close echo sound attenuation is very small, so little change in intensity. Reverberation refers to the sound in the room and all objects inside the surface, the body repeatedly reflect the formation of the gradual attenuation of the sound of the phenomenon. Reverberation level and the room sound absorption has a direct connection, reverberation time appropriate hat sound filling full, reverberation time is longer and lively, reverberation time is longer music is more gorgeous. So many of the reverberation of the concert hall a little longer, control in about two seconds, while the opera house because of the outstanding performance of the human voice, so control in about 1.5 seconds.

Reverberation is also important during the home audio tuning process, and the reverberation time is set between 0.4-0.5 seconds depending on the room. Some listening rooms into the even after listening to their own words are difficult, which shows the room to do a little too far sound-absorbing, and reverberation is too short, as in the open grassland to speak, the lack of sense of the scene.

The effect of reverberation depends directly on the sound-absorbing layer, if the sound-absorbing layer to do thin, you can tapestry, bookshelves to remedy. However, if the sound-absorbing layer is made thick, then the recovery is troublesome. Therefore, the construction of sound-absorbing layer must be careful, preferably in the beginning when the tapestry, shelves, sound-absorbing capacity taken into account, so even if the attractiveness of bias, post-recovery is relatively easier.