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Typhoon nida with 50 years of a storm surge in the pearl river delta

  • Author:James
  • Source:
  • Release Date:2016-08-02

4 to 6 in the morning, nida landed at mirs bay to daya bay in guangdong area, 50 years of storm surge, the xunliao bay, port extremum, there will be a storm surge caused serious influence.Petrochemical area the tides could exceed the alert above 80 cm, ultra high tide may continue until 9 o 'clock in the morning.Duration is very long, at present, daya bay in urgent need of personnel and the sandbags.Local expanding the scope of the evacuation will be shore wave resistance to residents in the following areas in 50 years, the new buildings and the adjacent coastal residents into the scope of transfer.


Daya bay as the typhoon key areas of Taiwan, daya bay petrochemical zone, tidal emergency pressure is very big, today night, soldiers arrived in daya bay rescue thousands of people have.
By 3 o 'clock in the morning, the local transfer has population of more than two thousand people, 4 29 petrochemical refining enterprise, there are 23 at all.At present, the city is three command center and allocate 1000 unit members, 1000 chemical defense team personnel and 200 special police team to support.At present, the local need strengthen the seawall sufficient sandbags.
Huidong county meteorological observatory will rain yellowalertrainstorm warning signal upgraded to orange alert.


2, 8 and 3, 08, southeast south most of guangdong, guangxi, hunan, fujian, southeastern guizhou, northern Taiwan and other places have heavy rain or heavy rain, a portion of the eastern and central guangdong and guangxi areas have torrential rain, among them, the western guangdong and guangxi local has the rainstorm in the northeast (250 ~ 250 mm);In addition, the south area of central sichuan basin, southern anhui, southern jiangsu, parts of southern shandong and other places have heavy rain or heavy rain, the local area and accompanied with heavy rain and thunderstorm winds strong convective weather, the rain size in 60 ~ 80 mm.
Shenzhen meteorological station issued a yellow rainstorm warning signal, according to the municipal meteorological observatory issued a typhoon "nida" related to meteorological information and the city "three anti" headquarters about defense typhoon work deployment "nida", in order to ensure passengers' security, 9:00-12:00 today, shenzhen metro viaduct section and the station will continue to shutdown, the underground section to maintain 10 minutes headway limited service.Wire service section and station: line 1 r - airport east interval after all stations, the water line 3 stations, line 5, shenzhen bay - ssangyong interval north - pond lang interval stations, line 11 stations, airports - blue head interval more than 100 city bus lines to halt.After 12:00 wire driving scheme, will be determined depending on weather conditions.
Due to the typhoon influence, the shenzhen bay bridge will be temporarily closed, shenzhen bay port customs clearance.Zhuhai other dahuang, Mr Fukuda, lo wu, man kam to and sha tau kok road port customs clearance is normal.
Due to the typhoon influence, the shenzhen bay bridge will be temporarily closed, shenzhen bay port customs clearance.Zhuhai other dahuang, Mr Fukuda, lo wu, man kam to and sha tau kok road port customs clearance is normal.(city port office) shenzhen emergency early warning information release center on August 2nd that gets published.
High-speed along the river, east coast high-speed closed!Traffic police clew: from last night to this morning at 6:30, the traffic police command center JieChuJing 924 cases, including traffic accident alarm 506, tree falls alarm 45, water alarm 4 cases.Continue to pay close attention to road traffic situation!