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VR six industry is about to change direction

  • Author:James
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  • Release Date:2016-07-11

In the first year of VR, VR and AR development situation more and more rapidly, and users appreciate the exaggerated expression of VR after experience, is often said that "VRFace".So real, magical experience of VR, will completely change what industry?

usb fan_02

1, medical
With VR, people can create a virtual human body model, with the aid of track ball, HMDS, feeling gloves, learning about the human body structure, the internal organs to operate on virtual human body model, etc., the effect of the observation after the operation, also can make use of VR technology training new doctors.

animal bluetooth speaker_02

VR technology not only can provide doctors with large-scale practice of minimally invasive surgery, can also help them overcome psychological barriers of sensitive sense of discomfort.
Previously, the western health sciences at the university of California (Pomona) opened a virtual reality learning center, the center has four kinds of VR technology, zSpace display screen, virtual autopsy Anatomage table, OculusRift and the anatomical model, Stanford university aims to help students to use VR dental and orthopedic, veterinary medicine, physical therapy and nursing knowledge, etc.
Covidien medical clinical training center in Taiwan using the computer and professional software construction, provide VR medical training.The center not only provides the doctor with more accurate experimental environment, and also reduces the traditional training injury to animals.

2, the Internet
Electricity: after wearing glasses, buyers can search in the vast amounts of clothes fit clothes, one by one in the body to try on.Doesn't fit?Right hand gently swing disappear immediately, the next thing put on automatically.
Gaming;Game, is currently the VR is considered the most easy to hit an industry, and most cornucopia.In role plays, racing cars or action games, are looking forward to most public VR development domain.In terms of driving simulation, VR application has a lot of space.VR can provide almost consistent with the real world experience, and the required equipment is not complicated.
Social: the storm of the development of the magic mirror "bliss" is the world's first VR social gaming platform, will be unique to VR incomparably real immersive experience and the perfect combination of social, to build a virtual reality game world.In "the kingdom of bliss", players can experience the comparable to the reality of VR social, beautiful sexy maid develop, large VR games hide-and-seek CS, boutique single VR shooter "resident evil", is a collection of social networking, games, entertainment, shopping, etc., VR virtual social world.

3, consumer
The movie/concert: people wear a helmet glasses, can experience the IMAX film at home effect, can see the number of movies and concerts are the speed of light.In addition, some companies have started filming VR movies, this movie more strong immersive.
Sports: at the end of October last year at the American NBA season opener, became the world's first using VR technology broadcasting NBA games.Fans after wearing VR glasses at home, like "off" into the NBA game in the first row.
Sports broadcasting with VR technology: : last year, on November 6, CKF (ChineseKongFu) international team three transgressions and the first battle combat sports center in xi 'an.Notable is, the competition and the storm mirror, with 360 ° panorama presented in a way that recorded all the way, after the match video on the Internet, the storm mirror users can close to enjoy these wonderful events "to fall to meat".
Tourism: tourism for virtual reality, may everyone a little concept on DestinationBC will impression, the earliest use of virtual reality technology to promote the development of tourism enterprises, with the help of OculusRift technology, produced the first virtual reality video - TheWildWithinVRExperience.
Made in the video by 3 d printing custom equipment.The equipment installed around 7 hd camera, the picture taken via including helicopters and boats, unmanned aerial vehicles and pedestrian.

4, the news industry
Last year, 5 us democratic presidential candidate for the first time a televised debate, tellingly, this year's presidential election first adopted the way of VR on live TV debate.CNN for the VR live news propaganda: "every audience have a seat, and can be a new perspective on the presidency."
For hundreds of years, patterns of news reporting at the scene of text, images, sound, video, the emergence of VR overturns the textbooks.American broadcasting company (ABC) has developed a virtual reality news reports, through VR technology can let the reader in the news site and free to move.First VR news reports in the Syrian capital Damascus, ABC news users get the "war" in Syria to gain immersive experience.
5, education
The combination of VR and education, absolute can overturn the previous teaching mode, the indifference of teaching will be the teacher for the class, subversion to truly personalized according to their aptitude, every student can be in a virtual environment, listening to the teacher for his lectures, can also talk to the teacher.Imagine, in the study of the second world war history, you like to attend the Yalta conference, the meeting content can you forget?
In may last year, Google announced ExpeditionsPioneer project, the project including VR equipment GoogleCardboard, routers, smart phones and tablets, to use virtual reality technology to help children improve classroom experience.
6, real estate,
There are many gap model and the real room always.If using VR glasses, people can finely pacing in "room" upstairs, experience every detail, even from the window Chou Chou district greening and floor spacing.People can look at the ceiling and wall thickness, even with VR to decoration of the room.