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Google artificial intelligence

  • Author:James
  • Source:
  • Release Date:2016-07-05

Nowadays, there are a lot of people are learning a foreign language, but with the continuous progress of artificial intelligence technology, you may never have to learn a foreign language can communicate with people from all over the world easily.Google deep learning project "Google brain" founder Greg carat think more over the next ten years, this vision will become a reality.
Carat think more, headphones in the future, will become the best interpreter in this intelligent
wearing headphones, people can communicate in different language environment to achieve barrier-free.While the idea is still very science fiction, but Google aspects are computer progress of autonomous learning, autonomous learning through continuous training computer, the idea is expected to become a reality in the future.


Although now related aspects of the technology is still in its early stages, and different computer learning system is also has many challenges, but more carats still have confidence in this project, because this will not only realize the translation is so simple, its future will be.Perhaps by that time, computer translation software in retrospect we now, all this is too weak.

deluxe wired headphones_07

If the implementation is successful, the technology bring to people's life, work, travel and great convenience, the world will have no the language communication barriers, can go to any country anywhere, anytime and communicate with other people.In addition the technology implementation success headphones will usher in a new sales point.