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VR glasses operating instructions

  • Author:James
  • Source:
  • Release Date:2016-06-23


VR 3 d glasses on the market now is very hot, more and more friends would like to buy a home, but for the use of it, there are still a lot of doubts, what need to do to play out the pattern?Below to introduce VR 3 d glasses how to use.
VR explanation:
VR is the shortened form of the virtual reality
VR technology is to use a computer or other intelligent device simulation to create a three-dimensional virtual world, provide with simulation of senses such as vision, hearing, touch, let users like body spirit its borders

3d vr glasses_02

VR glasses how to use?What need to prepare?
1. A smart phone, android or apple, suggested the screen size is between 4.7 to 5.5 inch.
2. VR glasses and bluetooth handle, bluetooth handle only support android, android and apple systems support, not the handle can be normal use.
3. The phone installed 3 d player app, search is in the mobile market, popular with 3 d broadcast sowing, oranges, VR video, etc.Before first use of mobile phones in horizontal, prompts a correction gyroscope.


VR glasses how to use?The installation process is as follows:
1. The ios version, for example, start the app will then expand box, cell phone into in front of the plane and fixed.
2. Wearing VR 3 d glasses, through adjusting the elastic at the back of the knob, and then use the top of the knob to adjust distance, until can clearly distinguish the screen content, to achieve a comfortable to wear.
3. Then enter the APP in the 3 d rendering, you can see a 3 d film, film, TV, animation,
gaming, such as classification, moreover also has a lot of panoramic video and photos, etc, using the method is simple, the mobile view center, drawn on the want to choose the target can be selected.
Above is the price for VR 3 d glasses how to use salt, it can be seen that using VR glasses products is need mobile phones has joined together, the role of the bluetooth controller is to use the rocker operation by selecting mobile and trigger.It can travel through the panoramic VR glasses, happy experience in space.Method of use about the same, in fact most of VR glasses simply study can use easily.