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Microsoft HoloLens augmented reality glasses

  • Author:James
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  • Release Date:2016-05-24

Microsoft for its augmented reality glasses HoloLens, adopted the opposite of the Google pragmatic strategy, hoping to avoid make the mistake of the latter.Google glasses at the beginning of the propaganda is, gimmicky, but after pushing high expectations, the product eventually have been disappointed.bottle opener_02

Google released four years ago Google glasses,intelligent virtual glasses in the form of a stunning: Google glasses as skydiving personnel from the plane came down the meeting.Then, Google also launched various eye-catching propaganda, such as the models Google glasses at fashion shows.

This year, Microsoft launched HoloLens augmented reality goggles on the early version of adopted a strategy of the opposite: aimed at first to make the equipment needed for the practical software developers, not stunt show, no appeared in all kinds of fashion events, and no promotion for consumers.selfie stick.

This cautious launch strategy, reflects the augmented reality barriers faced by the emerging industry.Such devices will be in the form of a hologram image fold on the user to the real world visual, aimed at improving from the hospital to the construction site of the operational efficiency of all kinds of enterprise organization.

Compared in some senior industry point of view, the user is completely immersed in the virtual world of virtual reality technology, augmented reality has more opportunities.But around augmented reality early effort was not successful, such as Microsoft and Google glasses as a forerunner of HoloLens device.

"For the HoloLens, Microsoft in adopt a more cautious strategy, that's right."Investment Venture of augmented Reality and virtual Reality startup Reality Fund Fund's general partners janko, nava sheen (Tipatat Chennavasin) pointed out that "you don't want to hype, raising people's expectations, but then let them disappointed, Google glasses is a living example."

HoloLens is derived from Microsoft for the Xbox 2010 and launched its motion-sensing controller device.To access the user's gestures can be transferred into instruction, the other through the deployment of sensors and a camera to create the drawing room, to provide a more immersive gaming experience.

Consumers like it, but it has never been able to give full play to its potential, in part because it did not create blockbuster games.Developers reflect says, Microsoft has failed to convince top game studios to invest heavily in it.By 2014, the device is no longer bound to the Xbox.

However, to access technology on the HoloLens ushered in the second life, HoloLens let users can be called "air tap" discrete signal to control the hologram.To access the developer Alex jeep mann (Alex Kipman) and its research and development team also dominated the HoloLens.

The new product in the Microsoft software developers conference recently quite attractive.In the astronaut Buzz Aldrin (Buzz Aldrin), led by the participants wear HoloLens patch to visit Mars.They also experience a handful of "air tap", use these gestures to control the movement of the hologram is like a computer screen using the mouse to control the icon.