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Unfavorable several kind of food in the fridge

  • Author:James
  • Source:
  • Release Date:2016-04-26


    Bloomy spring season, the weather is becoming more and more hot, a lot of food needs to be stored in the refrigerator in time, otherwise it is easy to broken.But not all food to fit in the fridge, some foods actually under the normal temperature preservation.So, do you know what kind of food is unfavorable in the fridge?
    Root vegetables
    Thick cortex, potatoes, carrots, pumpkin, winter melon, onion, etc. Can be stored at room temperature.In addition, cucumber, green pepper in the fridge for a long time is easy to get black, soft.
Tropical fruit
    Banana, mango and other tropical and subtropical fruit for low temperature adaptability is poor, if put in freezer refrigeration, instead, frostbite fruit, affect the taste.
    Red meat
    Bacon, ham and salted meat of place in a cool ventilated place, this will help ensure the flavor of food, if you put them in the refrigerator, because the humidity is too big, prone to clams, decreased with the storage time.
    Steamed bread, steamed rolls, bread and other starchy food in the refrigerator, can accelerate dry harden, if must be stored, and then to use plastic wrap or a fresh bag first before put into the freezer.

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