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C Luo For the introduction of personal brand headphones

  • Author:James
  • Release Date:2015-08-07

Drink beer and watch the game is the man most favorite two things,CLuo is one of the most sought after players each man. According to some media reports,C Luo will work with Monster To launch personal brand headphones, a total of 3 Section. According to reports,CRomanian company name ROC Live Life Loud Announced a partnership with renowned headphone manufacturers Monster To achieve cooperation, the future will launch three different kinds of sports headphones.

Three headsets are:
The head-mounted ROC Sprot Freedom;EarROC Sport SuperSlimAnd EarROC Sport Black Platinum.Price are:250 Dollar; 170 Dollar; 300Dollars.

As people increasingly high quality of the pursuit of music in recent years, the emergence of a lotHigh-end headphonesBrand, these major suppliers headset from the headset sound quality, wearing comfort, stylish looks dazzling style, etc., we spent a lot of effort into the design and debugging, which listed the many styles of exquisite high-quality headphones.


No matter what style of headphones to buy back first thing to do is to burn, the more high-end headphones such as the need to burnBluetooth wireless headsetʱ?? Everyone seems to burn is a very viable technology, in fact, the headset is also very simple to burn things, burn headphones on two key points: First, the need to use headphones burn burn soft music volume as much as possible to open a small, gradual conversion of ordinary music , loud music, gradually turn up the volume; another focus is to burn when a trader as long as possible, working slowly and deliberately is the truth.