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Bluetooth headset
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Bluetooth headset knowledge

  • Author:jaskey
  • Release Date:2015-06-26

Bluetooth headsets common false failures

1 Bluetooth headset plug in the charger when the light is not bright?

Built-in lithium battery takes about 10 minutes to activate, plug in the charger if the light is off, please wait for 10-30 minutes.

2, Bluetooth headset can not be switched?

Referring first to check whether the correct specification of the start button, and then follow the instructions on the pressing requirement to maintain a specified time, usually 5 seconds.

3, the mobile phone can not search for a Bluetooth headset?

Individual Bluetooth headset into pairing mode boot does not need can be found cell phones, Bluetooth headsets require long common in the off state, press the power button for 8 seconds (must be enough for 8 seconds) when the red and blue lights flash alternately to enter pairing mode Some Bluetooth headset need to press the two volume keys to enter pairing mode or a dedicated pairing button.

4, cell phone can not be paired with a Bluetooth headset?

Bluetooth headset into pairing mode after the phone side: Locate the device - enter the pairing code - Set as authorized - connection. Ordinary Bluetooth headset pairing code is generally "0000" or "8888", the actual pairing code with instructions prevail.

5, Bluetooth headsets often broken or shut down?

Usually due to internal software is not compatible with Bluetooth headsets and mobile versions cause, usually by resetting or re-pairing may solve the problem, sometimes you need to reopen the phone off and then try pairing.

6, Bluetooth headset microphone mute a call?

Testing is recommended for a cell phone, or reset the headset, mostly due to compatibility problems caused.

7, Bluetooth headsets have noise when listening to music?

This situation is more common in those who support the A2DP models, such as the Dopod smart machine when using the stereo Bluetooth headset songs noise is obvious.

8, the Bluetooth headset using no electricity for several hours?

As the mobile phone Bluetooth compatible Bluetooth headset failure will lead to special fees charged, this is more common in the Dopod machine for mobile phone test results at a glance.