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The type of speakers

  • Author:jaskey
  • Release Date:2015-06-19

1, subwoofers

For the requirements of the various speakers, subwoofers -Q0 quality factor values ​​are different. For closed-box and inverter box is, Q0 values ​​generally between 0.3 and 0.6 is best. In general, the woofer diameter, the larger the diameter of the magnet and voice coil, bass reproduction performance, transient characteristics, the better, the higher the sensitivity.

More formal structure woofer cone basin, a few of the flatbed. Diaphragm woofer many species, diaphragm aluminum alloy, aluminum-magnesium alloy diaphragm, ceramic diaphragm, carbon fiber cone, Kevlar diaphragm, glass fiber diaphragm, propylene diaphragm, diaphragm paper and so on. Aluminum alloy diaphragm, general diameter glass fiber woofer cone is relatively small to withstand relatively large power, and used to strengthen the cone, sound reproduction music fiberglass woofer diaphragm more accurately, the overall balance is good.

2, mid-range speakers

In general, mid-range speakers as long as the frequency response curve is flat, the effective frequency range is greater than that in the system responsible for the burst width, impedance and sensitivity and low unit can be consistent band. Sometimes midrange power capacity is not enough, can also choose high sensitivity and impedance is higher than the midrange woofer, reducing the actual input power midrange unit.

Midrange cone and a top general there are two balls. But its size and power handling than the tweeter large and is ideal for playing audio only. Diaphragm midrange cone and silk to soft materials-based film, and occasionally a small amount of alloy dome diaphragm.

3, tweeter

Tweeter suggests that it is to play back high-frequency sound speaker unit. Its structure there are number of solutions type, cone type, dome type and ribbon and other categories.

A, horn tweeter is strong because it is pointing in front horn can hear powerful sound provider, used for high-power sound reinforcement, conference speakers and a small part of the monitor speakers.

B, because the cone tweeter diaphragm area is too big, too heavy, high-frequency characteristics than other types of tweeters, therefore more common in older speakers, in recent years has gradually been phased out.

C, the ball is the key tweeter speakers in the home and small monitor speakers of the most common tweeters. Dome tweeter from the dome structure can be divided into positive dome unit and anti-dome unit; material points from the dome, the dome is divided into hard and soft dome two categories.

D, hard dome tweeter diaphragm materials are aluminum, titanium, magnesium alloy, titanium composite film, glass film, a diamond film several species. Hard dome tweeter treble played back, sound and bright, with a metallic feeling. Suitable for playing pop music, film music and music effects. Making excellent aluminum, titanium composite dome tweeter, also better performance of classical music and the human voice.

E, soft-dome tweeter diaphragm materials are silk film, silkworm line membrane, rubber membrane, and several bulletproof cloth film. Soft dome tweeter treble replay music smart, relaxation, with good natural expression. When the performance of classical music, voice and so has the concept of a standard listening music, particularly handy. Especially the silk film in recent years, silk dome tweeter items, its playback has reached the upper limit frequency 40KHZ. In theory, the upper frequency tweeter to reach at least 20KHZ, the higher the better. However, the upper limit of excellent high-frequency unit, the price should be more expensive.

F, Normal ball entry unit when playing music, the horizontal diffusion angle is bigger; anti-ball items tweeter when playing music, the horizontal radiation angle is small, but the tone is pure power to bear as well.

If you are a classical music lover, and for playback hit color requirements are very strict, you may wish to choose entries silk film tweeter soft ball. If your speakers in use, but also on Kara OK and play movies, choose the hard dome unit will be better. Of course, this is not absolute, because the speaker playback sound, in addition to the unit concerned with the anti-choice, but also with crossover design, cabinet manufacturing and many other factors.