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Kind sound wire

  • Author:jaskey
  • Release Date:2015-06-11

Cable: industry usually refers to the sound system in any one connection cable (wire), but more and more with yesterday or is that the connection between the power amplifier and the speakers speaker cable (For called speaker wire). 

· Speaker wire: speaker wire is used to large current music signal transmitted to the power amplifier output to the speaker. 

· Signal line: Signal line is used to transmit sound system line-level audio signal. Source (LP Electric sing 
Discs, CD player, cassette deck and tuner reception) with preamplifier between the preamplifier and power amplifier is the same signal line to transmit analog music signals. 

· Unbalanced signal line: an unbalanced signal line with two conductors and most connected with RCA plugs, also called single-ended signal line. 

· Balanced signal line: a balanced signal cable with three instead of two wires, and connected to the XLR 3-pin plug. Balanced signal line can only be provided with a balance between the input and output balanced audio equipment use. 

· Digital signal line: that is used to transmit two-channel stereo digital audio CD turntable or other digital audio output to the digital processor to a single signal line. . 

· Bi-wire cable: refers to a power amplifier used by the two groups (p) speaker cable rather than a set (pair) speaker wire to the speaker terminal with dedicated speaker connected. 

· RCA plugs and sockets: RCA plugs and sockets but use was a common one Geng connection for unbalanced signal transmission. Almost all are equipped with RCA jack audio equipment in order to be able to connect with an unbalanced signal line. RCA sockets are always mounted audio equipment machine base, and unbalanced RCA plug was used in a signal line Chuan plug. 

· XLR plug and socket: XLR plug into a balanced signal line for a three-pin plug, XLR jack audio equipment is installed in the base unit, designed for with XLR connector. 

* Posts: that is mounted on the power amplifier and speakers specifically for the connection of speaker wire terminals. 

* Five-way binding posts: refers to a bare wire can be inserted, forked lug terminals or banana plugs. In most of the power amplifier and speakers are mounted on the rear panel of this five-way binding posts.