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Speakers make use classification sheet

  • Author:jaskey
  • Release Date:2015-06-04

Speaker of the material is generally divided into three categories: 

1. Timber class 

Logs category refers to unprocessed plate, it is a native wood. Because the density of non-uniform, so we can beat in different parts of the plate, according to its sound different judge. In use & nbsp; when this box, each speaker sound will be different, and the quality can not be well controlled. Unless Wood initial processing stage, it can be very precise correction. But in that case also increases its cost. The usual practice is currently only used as a decorative wood logs only. 

2. Anabolic 

Such material will need to be chemically treated wood, make wood products are waterproof and decay function, and then pressed. Such as intensive version (MDF), plywood, waterproof board and so on. Synthetic sheet material uniformity, quality speakers can be well controlled. So we are seeing the speakers, mostly synthetic sheet manufacture. 

3. Plastic 

Plastic speaker main feature is easy to process, can be designed to be more beautiful shape, get rid of the dull wooden speaker tiles type appearance. As most of the speakers currently used ABS engineering plastics. In general, the plastic material is used in low-end speakers, but this is not absolute, but in the country, technology is not enough, plastic speaker sound quality can not be guaranteed. Speakers are also part of the high-grade foreign plastic material. 

Speaker of the plate is that we have direct access to the part, most of us only noticed its shape and color is nice, trendy, but for the speakers, the most important thing is the sheet material. For without the emergence of low-energy housing shortage, while usually lightweight and rigid sheet, so that it is easy to make the box resonate bass better. Therefore, the speaker cabinet is not necessarily poor thin, thick enough, to decide which sound units based on the cabinets. Select the appropriate thickness and elasticity, to make the sound quality to achieve the best balance.