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Speaker cabinet design and production

  • Author:jaskey
  • Release Date:2015-04-20
The box structure with different horn, transmission line change in the cross-section is less messy --- advantage is to reduce the transmission line where the air flow rate, while the average of the horn section, the smoother the transition better.
TweeterInstallation is not in the center of the vertical centerline of the panel, but is located in the golden point, the purpose is to reduce the angle of diffraction on the left and right panels of the band due to fluctuations in the rapidly changing edge staining (left panel in the corner of a diffraction effect of sound waves, the diffraction interference of sound waves emitted by the speaker and also the role of the speaker diaphragm, causing loud frequently fluctuate, staining). Similarly, the bass speaker mounting axis deviated from the vertical centerline. Note that when making left and right channelsSpeakerHorn arrangement is mirrored. Meanwhile, the front side of the panel with the transition should be used over the arc, arc radius of 3/4 inch.
The front panel using two 3/4 inch (19mm) of premium MDF glued together, the other outer plate using 3/4 inch premium MDF (rear panel thickness can be increased, for example, one inch or more thick). Use in multi-layer plywood board, multi-layer plywood strength is 3-4 times the MDF. When there is no suitable thickness of the plate, which should ensure the same box dimension, in the absence of MDF or multi-layer plywood, boards should be used in the relatively rigid sheet material, the outer plate should be used relatively soft sheet. Inside and outer plates is best to use the tenon, fixed adhesive bonding method is not recommended to use screws to secure, should be used to ensure precise woodworking fixed fastness, that is, before the glue water to embed up to see whether very strong.
BassUnit external diameter is 5.53 (5 17/32) inch, edge depth is 3/16 inch hole size was 4.56 (4 9/16) inch tweeter outer diameter of 4.125 inches, 0.156 edge depth (5/32) inch hole size is 3.25 inches. Mounting screws are the best in 45,135,225,315 degree angle, it is not recommended to use wood screws, wood screws because not provide uniform torque, and can not be experienced many demolition, installation . Should use the T-nut in the hole on the other side, and then use the Allen bolts speakers.
When you install the application when the horn pad material to ensure no leakage, and the installation of the cavity with the tweeter woofer chamber is isolated, so it should lead glass, plastic and other sealing. Two units of the panel is not prominent in the cabinet panel, otherwise it will cause serious distortion of measurable frequency response fluctuations.