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Smart bracelet prospects

  • Author:jaskey
  • Release Date:2015-04-17
Smart braceletProspects intelligent bracelet is a wearable smart devices. With this bracelet, you can record real-time data everyday exercise, sleep, diet and other part there, and these data synchronization with your phone, tablet, ipod touch, play a role through the data to guide healthy living. Smart bracelet concern are: intelligentBluetooth bracelet OTH-S0361. It is learned that the smart bracelet is very popular in the market of a wearable smart devices. Has been widely touted white-collar consumers.
1. Construction
    The main use of intelligent medical rubber bracelet material, memory rubber material. Natural, non-toxic, high-end fashion design, generous, not only has the function of sports health secretary, color, variety, both ends of the buttons and features easy operation, the belt buckle is silicone material and is comfortable to wear them. Smart bracelet built inside a life time up to 10 days of lithium batteries, a vibration motor and a motion-sensing accelerometer.
 2. Functional 
Smart bracelet this design style for users accustomed to wearing jewelry, quite attractive. More importantly, the bracelet design style called the wild. Also, do not look small bracelet smallish, and its function is quite powerful, it can be said that such a high-end pedometer, pedometer ordinary general pedometer to measure distance, calories, fat, and other functions, It also has a sleep monitor, Bluetooth 4.0 data transfer, fatigue remind other special features. Its built-in battery can persist for 10 days, the vibration motor is very practical, simple design style jewelry can also play a decorative role. To sleep, for example, at bedtime will bracelet set to sleep mode, it will wake up the next day with the iPhone device synchronization, you can see your sleep time, wake time, sleep deep / shallow sleep, sleep overall quality information. And for people who lose weight and fitness, smart bracelet is a personal trainer in charge, you can tell your motion path every day, calories and calories. You can also set the moving target, such as how many steps, the number of calories consumed, etc., will be displayed in real time completion rate movement, exercise to lose weight can be quantified, for people who can not adhere to a great boon. Smart bracelet has a high-quality waterproof function, you can wear the bracelet within 10 meters of shallow water or swimming in the river, unable to overcome the traditional pedometer Swimming defect tracking, and more widespread use. Smart bracelet is a wearable smart devices. With this bracelet, you can record real-time data everyday exercise, sleep and diet, and these data with iOS or Android device synchronization, data play a role in guiding through healthy living.  
3. Characteristics
 Low energy consumption; love to share; built-in low-power smart bracelet Bluetooth 4.0 module can be used with mobile phones, tablet, PC clients to connect, you can set the height, weight, stride and upload motion data and other information anytime, anywhere. In addition, the smartphone ring also has a social network sharing features, such as the user can sleep quality, diet and exercise, as well as feelings of records by binding microblogging and other social networks to share terminals.
Whenever a reminder time to fatigue, smart bracelet in the form of an alarm clock to remind the rest, for now high-pressure office crowd, the design is very user-friendly. On the use of time, due to internal intelligent bracelet built a lithium polymer battery life of up to 10 days, life is still very strong. 
4. prospects
 From the above uses of view, it has the potential customers are 200 million and 150 million Chinese young people of Chinese elderly or quasi elderly. In each sport bracelet 200 yuan terms, it is the future of China 70 billion market; coupled with China as the world's factory of the world, five times the market value of the above, namely 350 billion, is the major manufacturers and companies eyeing a reason. But, from nowBraceletStability technical point of view, the market needs to wait until 2014 getting better after that into the outbreak. With smart phones configured sensor and high computing power has become the norm, wearable computer technology is growing rapidly. Data show that the global market in 2011 sold a total of 14 million high-tech wearable device, expected in 2017, the world will sell nearly 70 million smart wearable equipment. It also makes wearable smart devices has become a battleground of e-commerce enterprises.