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How to identify the headphones sound good or bad

  • Author:jaskey
  • Release Date:2015-04-16
With personal multimedia AudioPlayerPopularity, such as MP3, MP4, PSP and so on, more and more used, due to cost constraints random earbuds sound of these products are not very good, there are certain requirements on the quality of those friends began to seek third-party alternative products.
From now on the market,EarplugProduct prices from tens of dollars to a thousand dollars, sound and quality is uneven, the difference is quite substantial. The wide range of products that exactly how to identify, but also how to distinguish their "worth"? Is it only the price of the product is a measure of the quality standards? Is it necessarily a good brand than ordinary products, okay? For this reason I believe many of my friends have got involved in trouble. 

When the audio must also note the following:
First, listen to the same Kam time; different times of sound judgment will be some differences, so make sure to listen to the same period of time.
Second, the same audio carrier; this is the basis for comparison,MP3, MP4, their quality is uneven, different music player, of course, will affect the results, compared to the premise of course be built on the same basis. 

Third, the same music track; the same track is necessary, the music is different, stylistically different headphones revealed features of course very different.
Fourth, the same source is set; the volume of music and related settings to be consistent, otherwise it will interfere with sound judgment.
Different people have different view. Like what music, what song is like the bass headphones or like fidelity headphones, what personality, hobbies, to decide, from the sound characteristics in terms of the main types of headphones sound different characteristics, so the comparison is relative.