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Sound judgment

  • Author:jaskey
  • Release Date:2015-04-10

      Clear (articulate) refers to the representationTapperMaterial able to distinguish the acoustic tones term clear.
      . Soft (gentle) refers to the high-order harmonics and high IF section has not been enhanced even weakened. Antonym "spikes" (edge).
     Particle (grainy) used to represent the acoustic instrumental or vocal roughness in terms of the tone. Picture a bit like those particles. Some music sounds like a lot of small pieces divided rather continuous, it is no longer clear or transparent. Department due to harmonic distortion or intermodulation distortion caused. Early analog / digital (A / D) converter and now some poorly designed A / D converter will have such problems. Wipe it better than powder particles. 

     Vivid (vivid) refers to the playbackMusicAre clearly audible. However, if there is too lively and resolve some of the taste and the lack of musical taste.
     Rigid (hard) usually refers to high segment IF 3kHz along too and let the sound becomes sharper. 

     Spiked (harsh) means too high IF section. Between the frequency response of 2kHz to 6kHz have spikes or excessive phase shift in digital recorder low pass filter.
    Coloration (coloration) refers to the sound system, the change caused by some audio equipment sound. Sound stainingSpeakerCan not accurately reproduce the sound signal is applied to the speaker. For example, there may be sound speaker stain release too heavy bass, and treble side is lacking.
      Sound image localization (imagespecificity) refers toMusical InstrumentsOr vocal sound image can be positioned accurately determine the characteristics of the sound field even clearly.
      Pan (imaging) refers to the reproduction of music, can listen to a variety of different instruments and vocals in that feeling of space location.