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You know how bad headphones fix it?

  • Author:Rita
  • Release Date:2014-12-02

   Too many small editingHeadphone, Since that summed up some experience, and then summed up what everyone resource sharing. We look to you heroes criticism. 
   Summary headphones cause of the failure, is that the film collapse, film cracking, film off, into the iron, coil break, break headphone cable, headphone cable harden, crack headphone cable, shell breakage, sending sound clogged membrane deterioration. Xiao Bian for a few minutes to talk about the cause of the fault.
   Methods / steps
   Membrane collapse, film cracking, film off, into iron approach
   GeneralHeadphoneThere breaking sound, noise, lack of fault when the bass is generally considered more likely causes. First, open the earphone housing, soft case for the headphones to take down the structure of soft cover, and then pointed tweezers and other tools a little tinny pick open the iron and steel mesh enclosures until all exposed to film. Hard headset can be used a small flat-head screwdriver in the connection joints draw a circle, then the general can easily open and eventually all of the membrane exposed. Big headphones is another matter, in short, all the exposed film to make the headset for easy operation.
Membrane collapse, the collapse of the fault for the film can be a small piece of double-sided plastic tweezers, gently place the adhesive film collapse lift. Note that efforts to control the size. After the film can be restored back to the original installation.
   Film cracking, the possibility of repair is unlikely, even if the sound quality will be repaired damaged. But there are also a successful treatment, the extent of damage the sound quality is very light and can be ignored. 704 with a needle that is dipped in a little glue (also called vulcanized silicone), painted in the cracks. Be careful not too thick, you can cover the cracks. Then installed shell. Remember not to immediately go to the audition, should be placed two days and try again. Because cured silicone dries slowly.
   Film off with 704 or plastic beads coated with a little fish, can stick to. Note pressed flat stick. Replace the day can be placed.
   Into the iron, the iron post with a cotton swab dipped in water dip down, and then process the film collapse. Treatment coil breakage
   If the headset wire is measured not sound good. Two joints between the back of the measuring unit not conducting. It is determined that the voice coil break. Now the vast majority of earplugs generally leads to the side from the film, although this will affect the sound quality is a little, but it makes the possibility of lead Zhenduan greatly reduced. Nevertheless still often due to human factors, the cell line rotation will rub off. When servicing is available to film exposing the blade up, and then the voice coil wire with a needle to provoke. The two lines separately and then the line along the winding direction opposite to pull out some of the lines, the force should be very careful and pay attention to two lines in different directions. If you can not, do not force pulling Quche, and the application of a thin wire to coil headphone cable length. Mi best when there is a magnifying glass auxiliary line, the first line on the tin, then tip soldering iron to solder the wire. 704 lines with glue stick in headphones film. Then glue the headphone membrane, the two leads of the coil wire bond pads on the back. Preferably with hot melt will care about protecting the back of the line, in order to prevent re-rub off. Generally the film above the copper ring with headphones repair success rate will be higher, the impact on the sound quality will be smaller 1. & nbsp; headphone cable break, crack treatment headphone cable
   Earphone disconnection generally occurs after a headphone plug, headphone and earphone splitter unit outlet and other parts.
   Headphone plug at the time when the headset is bad. Moving the plug disconnected reaction described here. Cut the headphone cord from here. Then peel the line to find broken parts, the core cut neat. A total of four lines are the left channel, the left channel, the right channel, the right channel, the color distinction. For the left and right channels to plug three poles are connected together. Outside headphone cable package with insulating paint, so directly measured using the table is not measured out, should give the thread on the tin plating. Specific methods of operation are first coated with rosin online or solder paste, solder the wire until then hot dipped tin iron infiltration. Then it is best to open the headphone case with the table measuring about four line break at the other investigation. If the description is only normal that a break point. Then earbuds out on the sets of soft cover peeled off line, the plug back hard plastic with a blade cut, exposing the solder joints. Then line up eleven welding. Usually two welded to the thickest portion, welded to the intermediate right channel, the left channel welded to the thinnest portion. Generally two yellow line is the ground, the red line is the right channel, the green line is the left channel. Of course, there are exceptions, the best measure the open unit. Check prevent a short circuit between two post-weld. Then plug the try on the machine. They are familiar with the song (song can distinguish left and right channels). If reversed, it will be about a change two lines (middle and finest spot on the line), and then after a good test to confirm the implementation of dressing. First with white medical tape wrapped a few times, the thickness to be able to set soft stuffed inside. Note the line and head bandaged together. Then glue the tape impregnated with 502 to make more robust. At this point can be wrapped with tape at the vise clamp flat. Then on top of some 704 painted plastic, stuffed soft sets can be. Technology does not look good manipulated. After the glue can be used dry.
   Treatment at the broken headphone cable fork
   And investigation methods plugs at the same time pushing the line here when the headset is not loud intermittent. Here you can determine break. Is a not loud, and if an accident pull the bad, then do not do unnecessary trouble. Only bad cut which Flanagan on it. If it is used for a long time it has cut two handle. Because of which one to use for a long time there is a problem then the other is also not far from the off. The best time to repair completely, cut from the opening line of headphone cable line and then peel it. Find broken scissors neat location. Then cut off the line Flanagan put heat shrink tubing, then twist the same color line up. Then apply some rosin or solder paste, solder dipped in hot iron until the solder wire until infiltration. With a little bit of tape to make a few insulated. Both ends of the line and then coated with a good set of heat shrink tubing 502 points, with hot air to blow or go lighter roast. 502 heat shrink tubing shrink after two lines will break the skin and shrink tube stuck together. Even hard to pull no relationship.

   1. & nbsp; treatment headphone unit outlet section
   Open headphones shell (see the first part of the demolition of the shell method), with a hot iron down the line from the unit. The line drawn longer know disconnection exposed part, put the end of the cut. Then peel the line length. Online head of tin (tin method, see Part 3), and then welded to the unit up. Note that when the bonding wire to distinguish polarity, the general output lines (red, green or blue, etc.) is connected at the point position are labeled, while the ground (usually yellow) position without points. After welding test. Finally, the housing can be installed. Such treatment tends to make the original headphone cable shorter, the solution is to re-change line from bifurcation bifurcation or removing the knot and then pull down the line a bit, with heat shrink tubing or knotted rope again. Resulting in two lines of unequal length can be two lines to handle it.

   2. & nbsp; headset line-for-line processing and cracking methods
   Headphone cable can be used to crack the local heat-shrink tubing to handle it, is to remove the headset unit, the first open headphones shell, and then use hot iron down the line, we can easily come out of the headphone cable. Note Before you pull out the best mark left and right channels. Then cut a suitable period of heat shrink tubing, sets up. In place of rupture point 502 glue-coated. Then use hot air or a lighter roasted let heat shrink tubing shrink it. (Removal and installation method, please refer to the former) method for line Needless to say, I think already. I choose to talk about a little wire method. Different grades of headphones for the best selection of different grades of wire. High-end headphones with ordinary wire will limit the performance of the play, but with very high-grade and low-grade headset wire does not make much performance improvement, but not enough overkill economy. You can choose a general low-grade oxygen-free headset line, mid-range with crystal oxygen-free copper wire, preferably with high-grade crystalline copper wire. Many fakes are generally low-grade oxygen-free copper wire, to find the best disassemble the headphone cable as well.

   Shell breakage and processing methods to send sound hole clogging
For the latter can be broken open shell headphones shell, clean with alcohol. After drying, etc. 502 adhesive with good. After thoroughly dry glue, etc. can be installed. Some people often easy to swap headphones shell glue to stick with 502 dead, in fact, this is undesirable. Because, first, 502 plastic permeability strong, easily flow into the headphone unit will damage it; second, 502 adhesive junction is too strong, causing difficulties for maintenance again. Suggest that you use 704 all-purpose adhesive beads of silica gel and fish, and to strict attention to dosage.