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Bluetooth headset
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Bluetooth headset pairing method described

  • Author:Rita
  • Release Date:2014-11-26
   Currently, according to the social surveys and market analysis, there are now more and more people are buyingBluetooth headsetWith the continuous development of the mobile phone industry, as an important mobile phone accessories - headphones are constantly developing. Especially wireless headsets, Bluetooth headset, a very rapid development. Bluetooth headset solves the shackles wired headset, more convenient to use, so much consumers. However, with the attendant problems brought more and more, for example, require a higher level of quality headphones, and functional requirements, such as more powerful, the most important point is that there are a lot of people will not run.WeJakeBluetooth headset as a sales company, is naturally received a lot of customer inquiries, in order to allow more people to learn how to use a Bluetooth headset is more convenient, so specifically.
   Bluetooth headset pairing operation is as follows: & amp; NBSP; first, to ensure that the Bluetooth headset is fully charged (fully charged, the signal is better, easier mobile search)
   Step one: Open the Bluetooth headset pairing. 
   For the first time, must be paired. When paired with a Bluetooth headset should be sure to open the paired state. Concrete action is open and hold the headset 5-7 seconds, the middle can not let go, the key until it is released into the pairing state. Note: The PAIRING state is different from the power-on state, the current state of the Bluetooth pairing There are basically two types of blue light or red and blue flashing alternately
   Step 2: Open the phone's Bluetooth function, because of the different ways to open the phone is not the same, so this big can be explained with reference to the phone, not described in detail here. 
   Step 3: Select the Bluetooth phone options or the search function to find the device, search for Bluetooth devices. 
   Step four: Search for the device name, select the connection, the phone will ask for some pairing password. 
   Step 5: The phone prompts, when connected devices to automatically select the best connection, thus avoiding the use of a second and sometimes reconnect. 
   Well, just talking about how the pairing, the pairing can be used well before.