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Development of consumer electronics products and the shell structure

  • Author:Rita
  • Release Date:2014-11-08
   Consumer electronics products including notebook computers, TVs, portable multimedia players, digital cameras, mobile phones, digital cameras,Speakers, Headphones. This is among the mobile phones, speakers,Headphone, Laptop computers, digital cameras appeared professional case and structure manufacturers, the rest is relatively small. TV field, most TV manufacturers have the ability to design and production of injection molded housing. 
Consumer electronics plastic housing industry include two types of companies: First, Foxconn, BYD, as the representative of a large vertically integrated foundry business; Second Jin Sheng shares, Bell Ross, Herbie, the letter Ho Precision, Czech wing, Mastery as the representative of a professional mobile phone shell companies. At present, the global mobile phone market is highly concentrated, in 2013 the world's top 10 largest mobile phone manufacturers more than 80% market share. A high degree of concentration brands, and the quality, price, reaction speed and capacity have this higher demand, so difficult to cut small firms in this field, resulting in a plastic housing industry competition Hengqiang, the market share trends in focus. 
In the emerging new shell material, the structure of the industry as a whole has a growth in the context of enterprise technology to master the single shell is difficult to meet the customer's needs. By leading technology companies need quick reactions, large-scale production capacity and other advantages to bind the downstream quality customer resources, and the structure of the layout of a full range of technology, the future of the consumer electronics market with the growth in the size and product upgrading, will drive demand for consumer electronics products shell and structural parts. 
In addition, with digital, information technology development and the growth of people's demand for 3C products, 3C products is moving light, thin, little direction. Most traditional 3C products shell plastic material, although light weight but stiffness difference, anti-electromagnetic interference capability better than metal. With the continuous development of the global 3C products manufacturing technology for portability, impact resistance, greatly increased the demand for a variety of different environmental products, equipment, and therefore the direction of alternative materials has become the focus of development. 
"2014-2018 Chinese consumer electronics housings and structural parts industry market research and investment potential depth research and analysis report," according to China's National Bureau of Statistics data to support the Ministry of Industry and a variety of newspapers and magazines on the basis of relevant information provided by published reports major analyzes the development of China's consumer electronics industry status shell and structure and scale; major consumer electronics industry development shell and structure analysis; consumer electronics products within the shell and structural parts industry leader operating conditions; consumer electronics products investment situation and development prospects of other shell and structure of enterprises.