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Diagnostic methods sound system silent failures

  • Author:Rita
  • Release Date:2014-10-24

     Several common types of audio technologies we will introduce to you one by one, then we'll take a look at the main diagnostic methods of the common faults:
      The first:When the audio cable is broken or divider exception this failure occurs
      When we stereo audio connection is broken, the speaker of the unit, there is no excitation voltage, so it appeared everyone said this silent failed. Of course, the divider is usually not appear broken. But it tends to lead joint sealing off may occur divider capacitor short circuit faults. When this occurs naturally lead after the sound system did not sound the common faults of.
      Second:Sound system is also broken voice coil system will be "silent" Phenomenon
      We can use a multimeter R × 1 range measuring speaker lead solder tabs, if its value is 0, this time we can use a knife to seal both ends of the coil lead paint scratch, when its exposed copper wire can we come testing, if this time is still blocked, then the voice coil inside this line has been broken. If you have the time and through the measurement of "Titicaca" sound, then the voice coil wire circuit, can be a good head of solder wire, and then the other with a period similar to the voice coil winding wire can weld properly.
      Third:Sound system voice coil burned
      We can use a multimeter R × 1 range measuring speaker lead solder tabs, if its value is 0Ω, and it did not "Titicaca" sound, so that we can determine the coil has been burned.
      So if you want to replace the voice coil to be replaced before the first elimination of debris inside the magnetic gap. Do not carefully placed in the new coil magnetic gap, then righting voice coil, while the audition coil side with glue fixed vertical position, such as a voice coil placed in the best position after it, and then glue the tone circle and fill to about half of the cone, it finally sealed the dust cover, the speaker cone up, place one day after they can be properly used.
     Above you can see the contents of these three is our technology in today's speakers and you want to share a presentation on one of the common faults sound system "silent" fault detection methods and solutions.