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Bluetooth headset
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Excellent monochrome design

  • Author:Rita
  • Release Date:2014-10-22

  The development of this year's speaker products quickly, Bluetooth speakers for most things, it is not nothing new, more and more people love to Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth speakers because of fast and convenient, easy to operate, it is away from the traditional speaker wire bound, our smart phones, laptops(WSP-038 2.1 Computer Speakers), Tablet or other music players, etc. These are equipped with Bluetooth technology, simply click the Bluetooth pairing connection, the connection can be easily relaxed, happy to enjoy music anytime, anywhere. Bluetooth transmission distance up to 10m, on the effective transmission distance can ensure lossless sound quality, do not worry about the bad sound quality of Bluetooth transmission problem.

  Colorful fashion coolBluetooth speaker NSP-8061Interpretation of soothing, stylish fine, sound perfect show, by air abrasion material, excellent monochrome design, highlighting key features technological sense, a little finger to complete the operation, the operation is simple and convenient to configure the latest Bluetooth module , can be connected to any of a mobile smart devices.