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Homemade method of making high-quality speaker HIFI

  • Author:Rita
  • Release Date:2014-10-22

         Hi-Fi audio equipment, as the man-machine interface of electro-acoustic conversion equipment - speaker sound system known as the mouthpiece, the final re-interpretation of the sound source, attributed this, it shows an important role in the sound of wonder many foreign countries. high-end speakers costing huge million, several hundred thousand dollars were not uncommon, but in recent years the domestic hot fever resembles concentrated here (Mini Speaker NSP-8059).

        Production quality fever speakers, in addition to using high-quality drive unit (speaker) other than the appropriate box structure and process, the treatment process is also extremely important. Due to the speaker unit has been factory-made stereotypes, it has become a box design and production influence the decision of a particular unit expressive stage. far as relating to the production of materials and workmanship of this article, according to the newspapers and literature describes himself making practice, summed up the following points in order to eat the majority of burn door peers, learn to want (Mini waterproof Bluetooth speaker NSP-8058).

         The main role of the speaker is to eliminate the sound of a short circuit, enhance the bass sound pressure and uniformity, thereby improving the low frequency speaker acoustic characteristics, but its involvement will also bring some negative effects, such as enhanced resonance peaks in the high-frequency reflection and diffraction, etc. , leading to the bass and treble sound dyeing dyeing. try to eliminate the negative effects, play the role of improving the bass is simply made of. ( Dancing Water Speakers)

         Sound box material

         I. quality wood such as mahogany, rosewood, mahogany, ebony and other valuable hardwood, preferably seamless entire board, as the speaker made the top material, but the material is hard to find, expensive, difficult process, commonly used in the best speakers the. followed for flower willow, Jujube, Azusa wood, etc., to heavy, wooden uniform better. new material damp deformation, to be dry before application of post-processing.

         Two. MDF sheets using up to such low cost, material easy to purchase, easy to process, but the actual production found its strength is poor, easy to produce coloration, booing and crushing soft material, can not be combined with wood screws, and only nail to nail, loudly pressure may Pizhen loose, rigidity is also poor, is not conducive to the robustness of the box.

         Three. Medium density particleboard, also known as pressure template, high strength, cost is also low, the processing is not easy, a lot of merchandise speakers, including many Japanese suit machine supporting speakers are made of this material, but it was reflected in its press statement is not real, including gap more, poor sound insulation. best to make special treatment to improve sound insulation capacity (Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker NSP-8046).

         Four. Very high density fiberboard, particleboard and plywood strength, good insulation properties, the material is easier to find, is an amateur production of high quality material of choice for fever speaker, just slightly higher cost, processing would not be easy, you need a special tool, especially high-density particleboard high hardness, not easy with nails, screws, I made a pointed and often wring only call nonetheless, apply a pre-fight hand drill and then a little pores on the fastening screws.

         V. inorganics if concrete casting forming, sheet metal with stone (marble, concrete slabs, granite stone, gypsum board, etc.) to a special process forming, or simply as a large box with heavy pots. Has a small bass, stable sound field, etc., often fever expert use, just too heavy to move tuning rather inconvenient., and the tank wall subject to special treatment.

         Six. Engineering plastics, polypropylene, reinforced modified epoxy resin, high-density polymer thick plexiglass plate (polymer) adhering to modern advanced technology materials technology, many European and American professional speaker manufacturers are using this technology created out high-grade, high-quality speakers, such as JBL MM Series speakers to make high-density plastic box, more famous JBLPROJECT K2 resort to several inches thick plexiglass manufacturing treble throat. difficult to achieve under amateur conditions off. ( LED Light Bluetooth Speaker)

         Seven metal material mainly used for professional speakers and special occasions, such as the stage speakers, mobile speakers, sporting all-weather speakers, portable speakers for military use around the clock ...... amateur home are due to its metal cabinet resonance frequency is higher, coloration is not easy treatment and rarely use.

         Eight. Paper materials entering the burning and multi-channel for financially strapped Shaoyou used, there are some experts in order to make the cabinet and special process enhancement, such as epoxy resin is impregnated as making properly, the effect is also good.

         System for method

         I. plate combining this method for most speakers include some of the best speakers used. Process maturity, simple and suitable for industrial production.

         Two. Cast molding This method is most suitable for coagulation (Hong Kong called seamless concrete) and polymer.

         Three. Dig cavities Act 1 Top fever speakers, the entire precious hardwood or solid stone pulled out of the cavity, as the cabinet is conceivable that this method is very difficult and costly. Occasionally in Europe to commemorate the products in .2 soil Cannon family land speakers. soon emptied the ground, make dry moisture treatment, and then loaded on the panel and speaker. low cost, the sound quality is also very good, just right for the subwoofer replay, only can not move, conditional on residence. fever so far has really burn a "home."

         System for workers Arts

         Hi-fi speaker cabinets often in dramatic changes in sound pressure, easily induced noise, resonance, resulting in sound pollution, the impact of pure music playback. Therefore production process is very important.

         "Reinforcement eliminate vibration and avoid sound pollution" as the production process of the character "principle."

         A widely rational use of ribs for speakers weaknesses. Cabinets formed by combining each side corner, with a sufficient amount of glue, rather more not less, glue thick hard wooden triangle or square sticks, plus wood screws, SPL woofer back up, easily induced sound box, hard round wood strengthen on the back panel are here to glue a piece of material can be used under the panel cut more than expected, for relatively narrow cabinet, due to the relatively large aspect sheet strength and rigidity variation, low resonance point, asymptotic speakers or cabinet resonance frequency sound great danger dyeing, please asymmetrically glue stick on a few hard side. This move to eliminate the gap leakage, strengthen cabinet rigidity, destruction resonance avoid vibration-induced noise and stirred tank. ( Bathroom Waterproof Mini Bluetooth Speakers)

         Two. Boxes to add the right amount of sound-absorbing material such as ultra-fine glass wool, slag wool, fiber Spewing, vacuum cotton, times are such as foam sponge, cotton, tissue, soft tissue, absorb sound energy, control the speaker Q value , while reducing vibration box for sealed boxes, the entire cabinet to be filled for the inverted boxes, wall cladding around, up and down three fingers generous sound-absorbing material, and in the right amount of time to make changes in listening to just suppress the resonance peak prospective for the transmission line (ie, labyrinth), in easy-to-produce a standing wave at the laying of the channel inflection for number barrel (mainly after loading No. drum) speaker structure in woofers behind, and the horn is easy to produce a standing wave place a small amount of sound-absorbing material placed its amount shall be evaluated in accordance with the actual listening.

         Three. Increase the tank wall acoustic damping performance than simple method is to pour a layer inside each box 1-2CM asphalt, but the better way to complex multi loudly sticking damping material (asphalt felt, rubber, etc.) is to produce double wall, intermediate dry dust into the sand, or the box with a loud infiltration damping material handling a move to block the transmission of sound energy to the cabinet and greatly reduces the Q value of the tank wall, to reduce or even eliminate coloration is very effective. produced by inorganic cabinet must make this deal.

         Four. Cabinet support reinforcement here refers square with a hard wood, porous wood or round steel bars will firmly support between the front and rear walls and / or side walls so that the tank wall without being annoying sound pressure excitations box coloration, perforated plates both Q-role. Bars can be more than steel appliances No. 40 car into, Φ45mm above, tapping out Φ8mm screws at both ends of the hole, when necessary (such as a large box) can be welded flange , secured with screws between the need to add support walls, according to some predecessors introduced this method, due to the elimination of sheet metal box sound intensity difference caused particularly effective, so the book separately.

         V. Fixed speaker unit should adopt a fixed method from outside to inside, reducing the front chamber effect. Mounting holes for the sink hole the best deal and avoid Penjia bulge, causing between diffraction. Frames, box to 5-10mm rubber gasket seal isolated to avoid short-circuiting the sound and vibration transmitted to the panel to avoid Penjia radiation, direct radiation interference sound.

         Six. Using special cabinets shape and appearance are not here to discuss the speaker's acoustic way, but for standing, effective for prevention. Standing wave generation, will seriously affect the performance of the acoustic system. To eliminate standing waves, destruction box The key body for parallelism as TANNOY SIX series with a hexagonal body design. many professional speaker with a fan-shaped design (JBL MM-SERIES, AC, etc.) also have a greater impact on the radiation characteristics of the box shape. too many sharp edges cause diffraction and interference may be relatively blunt surface transition angle. positive shape of the panel and the phase angle will affect the characteristics of the service, the special design of the panel can be improved, including the design curved surface, and the step-like design Other special shapes .JBL 4208's front panel through computer-aided analysis, design, a tradition and the use of anti-plane surface, effectively improved the sound field near the phase characteristics .BOSE301, is lapping direct, after the launch of the reflected sound technology Hi-Fi masterpiece, which uses a unique exterior design, at the top of the subwoofer cut out a ramp installed on radiation in different directions back and forth on two tweeters and effectively create a uniform sound field, allegedly listening to stereo no longer just sit back emperor when some "selfish" Enjoy the news that a large snail shape new speaker, soon as a British B & amp;. new flagship W's in the design of the speaker when it is available, it should be liberated. ideas, break with tradition, daring fantasy, diligent hands, good thinking.

         Seven. Apply strong absorption panel and strong acoustic damping material Penjia Yu Zhen can be passed to the panel, the direct sound radiation will be reflected to the panel, the air inside the stiffness of the vibration generated by the front panel will reflect all these, the the radiation panel, superimposed with the direct sound, interference, causes more appears on the crest and trough of the frequency characteristic and phase characteristic deterioration is particularly severe at high audio panel labeled "acoustic damping weight" is an effective way to improve the material. heavy sound damping material with a high density foam foam, special blankets, and factories dedicated a special sound absorbing felt.

         Eight. Speaker should be added after the completion of the support, with the ground "isolation," it sounds to avoid puffiness, sound field instability, poor transparency. Supporting methods are supporting frames, metal spikes, nails and other hardwood legs can be widely different Hard material testing decisions to cone 45 ° ~ 60 ° in contact with the ground and the taper.

         Divider system for

         Divider in the speaker system occupies a very important position, to ensure high accuracy bass signals transmitted to each unit without causing interference, distortion, intermodulation, will not therefore have a greater peaks and valleys on the frequency response curve, No large phase distortion. currently used LC power divider As discussed herein column is not in the electronic crossover.

         A next inductance amateur conditions, it is difficult to find desirable core, let alone test the linearity, flux and other properties. Even under professional conditions, would not be easy to find the ideal core, so the core structure can not do anything everywhere preoccupied, Yung enthusiasts too harsh. To reduce additional resistance, should be adopted coarse quality enameled wire (oxygen-free copper wire, large crystal copper wire, copper crystal better) to Φ1.0 ~ 1.2mm superior, and optimize the use of computer-aided design, under certain circumstances inductance, resistance smallest resistor should generally be less than one tenth of the speaker impedance. because paramagnetic substances will affect the inductance of the inductor coil speaker should try to stay away from the head, fixed caused by screws, supported by steel bars and other paramagnetic substances, each divider element fixed with epoxy adhesive glue, to avoid increasing the magnetic saturation distortion, and cause crossover drift through space will be coupled between the inductor coil mutual electromagnetic interference should be as far away from each other and placed perpendicular to the magnetic axis, high, bass crossover network each individually placed on a circuit board and away is a great fever France.

         Two capacitance of choice has given no comment sense polypropylene, polystyrene and other non-inductive film capacitors Promise. Avoid using non-polar electrolytic capacitors, but not the reverse electrolysis in series with a very alternative. More than just a small capacitor in parallel, the more alone a large capacitance, inductance winding its much smaller, the speed is also much faster, have better high-frequency performance and sound quality. savings without impairing fever approach is only high on the subwoofer signal path, the choice or more components, and shunt inductor, bypass capacitors slightly lower requirements, with ordinary non-polar capacitors, inductors smaller diameter.

         Three Wiring There are a variety of high-quality speaker wire, can use as appropriate. To wire thicker, larger number of shares, the higher the copper content, the longer the large copper crystals were more beautiful sound like the best silver line Note beware of fake and shoddy products. ways to double line (bi-wire) or three routes (tre-wire) is better. many magazines are introduced. note leads not affect airtight box.  

         Concluding Remarks

         Speakers making is a complex systems engineering, is between the edge of science and technology in mechanical engineering, acoustics, psychology, ergonomics between both technologies, but also the arts. Above measures, complementary and should in practice production process, depending on the circumstances, symptomatic prescription, integrated application, will be able to make a more satisfactory work.