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How to eliminate the current sound speakers

  • Author:Rita
  • Release Date:2014-10-21

  ComputerSpeakers or headphonesWith a long time there will be a strong current of sound, what is the reason for this phenomenon is? How to solve?

1. SpeakersWith a long time there will be a strong current of sound or noise that sounds uncomfortable
2 Even without playing audio and video files will be a great current sound.

3 Unplug the data cable to re-insert what could be better

Failure Analysis

This current noise, many people have encountered. Also posted online to help many, many people think that this phenomenon is due to the following reasons.


This possibility is actually the least, as long as the current speaker emits sound speaker can conclude no problem. This possibility, unlikely.

2 sound card failures.

If there is a fault sound card, speakers, there is no sound came, but the problem is there is sound, but accompanied by a strong current of sound. Nor is sound reason.

3 driver is not installed correctly.

Driver is not installed correctly even wrong. Driver is not installed correctly or is not installed, the speaker will not have any sound, but also a bar in the device will be prompted.

4 outside interference.

In the house in years, this interference is coming from. Said external interference is not established.

The ultimate solution

1 Most speakers have noise or current sound is due to the data lines caused by virtual access.

2 speakers inside the joints do not usually have any problems, the most likely place is virtual access our regular contact data cord.

3 audio cord for a long time in the air, and over time will form a layer of oxide film, which is caused by the oxide layer virtual access the main reason.

4 with fine sandpaper wrapped up the audio cord, turn a few laps, the removal of the oxide layer outside.

5 After then coated with some oil, wipe with a cloth.

6 very simple way to fault lifted. This is the case most of the current noise.