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Followed by "Heart Flower Road put" to Dali

  • Author:Nana
  • Source:www.jaskeyworld.com
  • Release Date:2014-10-17

     A man with a backpack one pair of belovedEar Headphones, On the road all the noisy sound isolation, followed by the beat of the music to sort out their feelings. As the "heart flower road put" scenario Aventure funny story and memorable, the beginning of a stay away travel, carrying a failed marriage, but not successful encounter paragraphs eclectic affair, eventually return Conscience Mo forget the mind, Dali became escape options.

    Wanted to go to Dali wrote the lyrics: Is not life not satisfied, do not laugh too long and do not know why, since it does not like happy here, as all the way west to Dali. In another city, the shuttle in unfamiliar streets, occasionally stay in the bookstore or coffee shop, a piece of music, a book, or will a cup of coffee and enjoy the soul of a person time, so that all releases in music, but also the ultimate find yourself , the new departure.