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Consumer electronics products

  • Author:Rita
  • Release Date:2014-10-16
  Consumer electronics products in the levels of development in different countries have different connotations, have different connotations in different stages of development in the same country.
  China's consumer electronics means for individuals and families with radio, television-related audio and video products, including: TV, DVD player (VCD, SVCD, DVD), video recorders, video cameras, radios (2014 new USB Bluetooth speaker), Tape recorders, music center, record player, CD player (CD) and so on. In some developed countries, put the phones, personal computers, home office equipment, home electronics, healthcare equipment, automotive electronics products (NSP-149 car speaker), Also return in consumer electronics products. With the advent of technology development and application of new products, digital cameras, cell phones, PDA and other products are also becoming an emerging consumer electronics products. From the late 1990s, the integration of information appliances start the computer, information and communications, consumer electronics, extensive in-depth three areas of family life, it has a visual, information processing, two-way network communications and other functions, from embedded processor, related support hardware (such as video cards, storage media (Key USB flash drive wholesale), IC card or a credit card reading device), an embedded operating system and software application layer components. Broadly speaking, information appliances including all be able to interact with the system through a network of information appliances, such as a PC, set-top boxes, HPC, DVD, super VCD, wireless data communications equipment, video-game consoles, smart TV box, WEBTV so on. Currently, audio, video and communications equipment (IPH-001 retro phone headset) Is a major component of information appliances. In the long run, refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens, etc. will also be developed into information appliances, and form an integral part of smart appliances.

  Development of
  Electronic technology is the nineteenth century, early twentieth century began to develop emerging technology, the fastest growing of the twentieth century's most widely used, has become an important symbol of the development of modern science and technology.
  The first generation of electronic products to the core tube. End of the 1940s gave birth to the world's first semiconductor transistor, it is a compact, lightweight, energy saving, long life and other characteristics, was quickly applied countries together in a wide range replaced the tube. Late fifties, there has been the world's first integrated circuit, it put a lot of transistors and other electronic components are integrated on a single silicon chip, the electronic products to more compact development. The rapid development of small-scale integrated circuit IC to LSI and VLSI, making electronic products toward high-performance low-cost, high accuracy, high stability, intelligent direction. These results indicate that: computer has experienced these four stages.