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Healthy exercise equipment

  • Author:Rita
  • Release Date:2014-10-15

  Smart bracelet is a wearable smart devices, is a healthy exercise the necessary equipment. JASKEY LIMITED'sSmart Bluetooth bracelet OTH-S0361Smart money is very good bracelet, silicone material strap for comfortable and beautiful to wear. Users can record everyday exercise, sleep, energy consumption and other data, and these data synchronization with your phone, tablet, ipod touch, play a role through the data to guide a healthy life.
  Not only provides more functionality for users, but also allows bracelet relieve pressure from smart watches and smart phones.



  Smart Bluetooth bracelet OTH-S0361Features:

    Sleep Monitoring: Intelligent monitoring to sleep at night, in the morning you can see last night's sleep.

    Sync: Smart bracelet can always sync via Bluetooth on Healthy bracelet APP, energy consumption, sleep data at a glance.

    Stopwatch: Stopwatch function may at any time enter, test, view the current sprint time.

Double-click the bright screen: Under state quenching screen, double-click the watch screen, watch the screen can be brighter screen, easy to view the current situation of standby time or up steps.

  So powerful and intelligent Bluetooth bracelet so easy to operate that you are not also have heart, and can be matched when using this smart Bluetooth bracelet exerciseHEP-124L hat Bluetooth speakerListen to music, this Bluetooth hat is very suitable to wear during exercise, fashion design

 Smart bracelet prospects:

    From the use of point of view, it has the potential customers are 200 million Chinese young people in China and 150 million elderly or quasi elderly. China is the world's factory of the world, the major manufacturers and companies eyeing China's staring at this big market. In 2014 this market getting better after that will enter the outbreak period.

With smart phones perception configured with high computing capabilities become the norm, wearable computer technology is growing rapidly. Data show that 14 million were sold wearable tech equipment in 2011 the global market, is expected to 2017, the world will sell nearly 70 million smart wearable equipment. It also makes wearable smart devices has become a battleground e-commerce business.