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Talent Strategy

*a competitive remuneration package

the company has a comprehensive system of remuneration system, provide employees with a competitive remuneration package, challenging work, a broad platform for the development and promotion of space. Through internal performance appraisal system, so that employees pay the same return performance closely to ensure that talented employees to gain more recognition and encouragement.

* perfect security system

The company has a sound social security system, in strict accordance with state regulations for each employee to pay the five social insurance (pensioninjurymedicalunemploymentmaternity insurance);

monthly in accordance with the relevant provisions of Guangdong Province, paid in full for each employee housing fund.

*excellent employee benefits

Company is working overtime staff provide free meals;

travel company for each employee paid travel allowance;

Company under the business benefits case a certain amount of monthly payment monetization of benefits;

Company in accordance with the employee's basic salary and performance pay a certain percentage of paid supplemental benefits;

Company employees regularly organized football, basketball, badminton, table tennis, fitness, and occasional organization of various friendly matches; also according to the interests of employees, the establishment of a wide variety of amateur clubs enrich employees lives.

*humane personal holiday

employees who have served for one year and over consecutive enjoy5-15days of paid annual leave; addition employees can also enjoy a marriage leave, maternity leave, nursing leave, bereavement leave, etc.

*system of vocational training

The company attaches great importance to the continued appreciation of human capital, to provide staff with a large number of training and learning opportunities to help employees continue to grow, not only the pursuit of products and services to maintain an industry leader, but also strive to overall quality of talent in the industry leading position.

new employee training: a wealth of expansion into the sector after training and mentoring and pre systematic skills training to help new employees quickly into and competent at their jobs;

Professional Development Training: According to the channel where the employees are professional and career development programs hierarchical classification system of vocational training, so that the depth and breadth of knowledge of employees, business ability, personal qualities and leadership fully continuous improvement.

Corporate Training: Corporate Security Institute was established specifically for enterprises to train advancing integrated talent, there are a variety of specialty courses: senior classes, pipe classes, junior manager classes, in-service training, professional skills classes.

two training: each department to establish two training system, where the department by a combination of departmental business and job characteristics Sectoral featuring comprehensive and professional training.

*comprehensive personal career planning

company attaches great importance to employees' personal career planning, the company encourages employees in accordance with the existing management and technical development of dual-channel model to plan career development, the establishment of qualification management system, encourage employees Set short-term/long-term career goals through the development of the required qualifications strengths/gap do self-evaluation as well as interviews and managers to communicate and promote the development of qualified staff and thus achieve self-development. In order to ensure that employees in the company to get more space for development, the company has also introduced key staff rotation system key positions, competition for positions in the grass-roots management system to encourage employees to show their way through the competition to stand out, many develop their ability to work.